Our policy

We support education and we don’t give the young artists false illusions

At the same time we are keen that they receive all possible revenue that the music business can offer. So we are taking the following approach,  with the agreement of the artists themselves.

  1. All artists are unsigned, i.e. they are free and not bound to any contract.
  2. We give our time and skills for free, assisting in the preparation of songs and in all the technical aspects of digital music production (recording, mixing, post-production, artwork, website, promotion and distribution).
  3. All songs are sold via CD Baby on a range of digital platforms and streaming services.CD Baby has no recurring charges and allows compilations like Today is Good!.
  4. All profits, after CD Baby’s commission and PayPal charges (approx. 10%), are distributed to the authors.
  5. When possible, the artists are registered with SIAE, the Italian copyright collecting agency, as it provides a free registration for composers aged 16-30. Those without the documentation required by SIAE are registered under dedicated pseudonyms with PRS, the UK copyright collecting agency. All royalties collected by SIAE will be paid directly to the artists. Those collected by PRS will be distributed by us.
  6. We have printed 200 CDs. Their sale will cover production costs, and they will be used for promotional purposes (radio, magazines) in Italy and the UK. Any profit will be used to support the artists involved in the project. For example, it may go towards purchasing instruments, paying for travel expenses, promoting events or for the future distribution of songs.

When we started this project, we knew it could get off the ground only with a massive effort from us as volunteers. It has been possible simply because we gave our time and resources. But we aim to establish a financially sustainable model that can expand to include others, and to offer paid opportunities to local musicians and other professionals.

Follow us and stay tuned!
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