Big Top

I want to sing so that people are happy. Some music can make you happy. Also, there are people doing bad things – you can sing to the world so that they know what is going on. I can give music to everybody. Even if I am poor. It is fruit for everybody. I want to become a musician. To make people more happy.

Testimony Osayande, from Nigeria, discovered singing and song-writing during the music workshops of Today is Good, and has demonstrated a very particular creative style, shaped by captivating melodies and rhythms, and driven by a great desire to turn things around for the better.

Mama tell me what I mean to me

In an imaginary conversation with his mother, Big Top wonders how to behave, and how the values that were handed down to him collide with the fragility of his condition.

Today is Good!

Today is Good sprung from one of many improvisations in our workshop series. Thanks to its immediacy and simplicity, it became the song that symbolised the whole project.