Sisqo Blender

Music means a lot to me. It means a big thing to me, really. Because I like music since I was young, from day one. I want to do music. It’s my dream. I want this thing to come, really. For now I have no choice. I cannot choose the work I do. After I finish school I could study computing, or study something else to get a job.

Abdoulie Dunor, from Gambia, is a natural rapper with a crystalline talent, and his voice is particularly moving voice in the upper registers. No newcomer to music, he had already released songs and performed in concert in his home country, but he lost everything on his journey, and is now reconstructing his repertoire thanks to this project. He moves easily between styles and languages, without hesitating to send a message to everyone through both his words and his music.

The Gambia

A message to the people of his country, an appeal for unity against tribalism. Could it be a new anthem for the Gambia?

Today is Good!

Today is Good sprung from one of many improvisations in our workshop series. Thanks to its immediacy and simplicity, it became the song that symbolised the whole project.