A lot of Nigerians sing but for me, what music means to me… I want someone to feel happy. When I am sad or angry, I listen to music. A lot of times when I am sad, it makes me feel happy. I hope that if I sing they are happy. It’s what I can do. I’m a singer. But it’s not my job. I still want to do other things. I want to be a nurse. These two things I want to do.

Efosa Monday, from Nigeria, is a force of nature. To paraphrase Archimedes, who lived not far from Efieasy’s refugee camp: give him a microphone and he’ll raise the earth.
He refined his powerful voice during singing lessons in the music workshops, and he has an explosive musical creativity that moves easily between different styles.

Love you so

A dance background, a sinuous melody and an energetic rap tell the story of a fatal meeting.

Today is Good!

Today is Good sprung from one of many improvisations in our workshop series. Thanks to its immediacy and simplicity, it became the song that symbolised the whole project.