I was born in a family of musicians, my father sang and my mother sang, we are a griot family. I love music because I grew up hearing music. There are some difficulties here but I feel good in Italy. My dream is to open a music school, to help people who have difficulties or who have nothing. Or to open a pharmacy. I always think of people who have nothing. I want to help.

Djelimakan Kanoute is part of the djeli tradition, also known in the French term griot. This is a secular tradition of storytellers, respected for its role in transmitting the knowledge, history and values of Malian society. In Djali’s case it was abruptly interrupted by fate, which also brought him to Sicily where, as soon as he had the opportunity, he used his deep voice to engage with challenging issues of today.


A profound song, a prayer, in remembrance of his parents, both musicians.


It is a strange thing. The journey, the desert, the sea, life in Italy. It is a strange thing.