Today is Good!

Today is Good sprung from one of many improvisations in our workshop series. Thanks to its immediacy and simplicity, it became the song that symbolised the whole project.

When Obaydul Kader exclaimed today is good over a funky rhythm, the response materialised rapidly: we are singing, oh yeah, we are dancing. Then an invocation known to many boys found a place in the impromptu college: in the Nigerian language Bini, Osadeba means God is with us.

The song is enriched by the unrestrained rap improvisations into which the boys launch themselves frequently. In this case Big Top, Efieasy and Sisqo Blender take turns in elaborating the themes of the piece: music, everyday life, the desire to sing.

Today is Good represents the typical style and development of our workshops and we believe it maintains its freshness in this recording, even if for logistical reasons we had to record it at various times and in several places.

Today is Good. Today’s going fine.
It’s not clear how it was yesterday, perhaps there’s no need to talk about it.
Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring.

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