Mama tell me what I mean to me

In an imaginary conversation with his mother, Big Top wonders how to behave, and how the values that were handed down to him collide with the fragility of his condition.

A series of afro-funky rhythmic situations unfolds as Big Top sings and narrates about radically different situations co-present in his life: from carefree happiness (I am so happy in my life, I’m walking like a train not stopping, never stopping) through the suffering of isolation (I’ll be screaming like a bear, nobody hear me) and the desire for independence (I work only for my future, I do not want to beg anyone) to anger about an intransigent external world (Shut up to the ministry, shut up to the boss).

The song ranges from lament (What some people have done to me makes me so feel ashamed), the desire for justice (We all come from Adam and Eve, some people are wicked, but that does not mean we all are one) , to dark despair (I looked up to the sky, but the sky was so very far from me).

The melodic thread of the refrain (You can say that again) joins up these narrations that are only apparently disconnected.

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